Travelling to Butrint

Butrint is easy to reach from within Albania and from most European capitals. Saranda, 19 km north of Butrint, is the closest international port with ferry connections to Corfu; from mainland Greece, the border crossing near Ioannina is a good option. Alternatively, the Tirana International Airport Nėnė Tereza (Mother Teresa) provides an entry point to Albania from all over Europe. Once in Albania, Butrint is reached by road – either by bus or car/taxi.

Most nationals do not need a visa to enter Albania; however, one must be in possession of a valid passport. Please check with your embassy for details. An entry fee of 10 Euro is charged when entering Albania.

When planning travel schedules it is worth bearing in mind the change in time zones between Albania and Greece. Albania is GMT +1 hour, Greece is GMT +2 hours.

the ferry from corfu
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